About the Project

A map is “a drawing that helps to tell us about a place.” (found in Art: Meaning, Method and Media, a first grade art text)


Pin a Point was born out of the 30 Days of New Life performance series.  Essentially, the 30 Days of New Life Project is a series of performances where an artist (or artists) relocate to a new city, where they have not yet been, for a period of 30 Days.  The change of place is an immersive investigation, an extended dialogue, that ultimately leads to the creation of a map or maps (The Pinapoint Project being one).


Pinapoint is an interactive online map created out of subversive cartography.  While it is not what anyone would consider to be traditional, the end “product” is essentially constructed the same way. The maps are drawn from personal observation and investigation as well as being directed by the individuals met along the way. The formal and informal participants determine what must be included in the “drawing” and therefore greatly control the outcome.

Subversive Cartography

“Subversive cartographies offer alternative representations to established social and political norms. Maps are no longer cast as mirrors of reality, instead they are increasingly conceived as diverse ways of thinking, perceiving and representing space and place which express values, world-views and emotions (Chris Perkins).”  It is the intent of Pinpoint to offer such alternative realities, real observations outside of the grasp of established principles such as cultural and tourist agencies and state governments.