Művész Cinema

1063 Teréz körút 30
459 5050


Hungary’s movie theatre scene has undergone a major change in the last 2-3 years. Budapest used to have about 50 cinemas ranging from small 30-seat, 1-screen ones to multiple-screen larger venues. Today we have about 15 multiplexes and about 20 of the original cinemas remaining with a handful dropping out of the game every few months. It really is a sad situation, but in the last couple of months there are some positive changes. It looks like there is a revival of the vintage cinema experience going on, more and more people are turning to the remaining old cinemas. Some have actually profited from the closing of their competitors, and have successfully repositioned themselves as the fun and unique cinemas as opposed to the mainstream multiplexes. Muvesz is one of these. The name translates into “Artist” and is very fitting, because the cinema has always been the artsy type, showing art and underground movies from local and international artists, and it is also the main location for any film festivals going on in the city (although that seems not to be the case this year – I wonder if this will be a trend or only an exception). You can sometimes see Hungarian movies with English subtitles here, as well as movies from around the world that are not shown anywhere else in the city. Muvesz also plays long gone favorites that still attract a crowd years after they are gone from the main cinemas’ programs. The ticket is about $1.50 – $2, which is also about half the price of the multiplex tickets. There is a very good English language bookstore in the hall of the cinema where you can stock up on good literature to read on the road. (From: igougo.com)

Here I can find art movies and quality European films in original language in a welcoming cosy atmosphere. Five small halls open from the lobby area which is uniquely designed. For decoration there is a cut-in-half Trabant (old communist car) next to the snack bar and an antique movie-camera on the other side. At the moment a paper-mache sits on a bench next to the entrance ensuring the modern feeling. Across the cashier there is a small shop selling books and rare CDs. If you are interested in artistic movies or you just want to see a funny cinema lobby, don’t hesitate to check out this place. (From: spottedbylocals.com)
First, let me say, I didn’t see a movie here. Currently the theatre is playing Bruno and Adventureland, not exactly art films. This place was recommended by a local girl to a friend for the artistic reinterpretations of movie posters…and they are really cool. Apparently, the theatre works with the local art college to have its students make them as part of course work. Tons of them line the halls and even the stairs and second floor. It is aloes fun just checking out the lobby, which is pretty crazy.


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