On the Bosphorus near the Black Sea

From Great Istanbul:

“Sariyer is one of the 32 districts of Istanbul on the northern tip of the European side, where the Bosphorus connects with the Black Sea. It is the final stop of local passenger ferries. Some of the major neighborhoods in this district are Buyukdere with many old summer houses, Rumeli Kavagi with many fish restaurants, Rumeli Feneri with fishing boats and a lighthouse near a ruined fortress, and Kilyos famous for its beaches. There are also summer residences belonging to some of the foreign embassies along Sariyer’s coast line.

During the summer time, beaches in Kilyos get very busy, this is where local people go to swim in the Black Sea. And during summer evenings all moderate fish restaurants at Rumeli Kavagi become crowded especially at the weekends and holidays. After Rumeli Kavagi there are few small villages and many green areas. The Koc University is also on the road to Rumeli Feneri.

A few kilometers inland of Sariyer, on the road to Kilyos, there is Belgrade forest which took its name after the conquest of Belgrade by the Ottoman army. It’s a huge forested area with some small lakes, and used to be the hunting ground of the Ottomans. Now, the forest is very popular for picnickers and joggers in every season.

Sariyer has a fine private museum, the Sadberk Hanim Museum founded by Koc family, the richest of Turkey. A superb collection of archaeological and ethnographic items are housed in two old wooden houses.

The small pier connects the district by water to other neighborhoods of Istanbul along the Bosphorus.”

Recommended by Marco Magini

“A fisherman village just out of Istanbul, the perfect gateway.”

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