Pierre Loti

Gümüşsuyu Karyağdı Sokak, Eyüp

From Istanbul Trails:

“The Pierre Loti Café, named after the French novelist, naval officer and Turkophile, is famous for its spectacular views over the Golden Horn. Located in Eyüp, about 6 kilometers from the Galata Bridge in Eminönü, it is not exactly on the typical tourist path. So, if you’re in Istanbul for only a few days, you may want to think twice about going there for a tea. But if you’re not pressed for time, the commanding views are well worth the small ‘detour’.

You may wonder why there is a teahouse in Istanbul in dedicated to a French naval officer and novelist. Well, the legend has it that during his stay in Istanbul in 1876, Pierre Loti gazed from this exact location over the Golden Horn in search of inspiration for his literary masterpiece Aziyadé.

Aziyadé is semi-autobiographical and tells the story of Loti’s illicit love affair with an 18 year old harem girl named Aziyadé. She was his greatest love, proof of which the golden ring holding her name that he wore for the rest of his life.”

Recommended by Marco Magini:

“I love the view and I love the unpretentious organisation that allow you to have a gozleme without being surrounded only by tourists. I love also to walk down to the Eyyup mosque afterwards, as if you were entering in another dimension.”



Photograph by Ryan Healy

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