Simotas Building

Simotas Binası
Bican Efendi Sok. No:10
Kuzguncuk, Üsküdar


From le cool:

“Simotas is a historical building which was renovated and went into action back in last December. It has been built by Simotas, the architect, but then it was abandoned and became a deserted building. The locals of Kuzguncuk didn’t let this beautiful structure to be left alone and rot. By the help of Refika Birgöl, the building was renovated and turned into a center where several people from different disciplines can work. An office space was built in each floor for the individuals who deal with art and creative work and this beautiful and cute building came back in life. The top floor belongs to Refika’nın Mutfağı where is an excellent place to taste delicious dishes from Turkish cuisine. This announcement is for the ones who wander around the narrow streets of Kuzguncuk.”

Recommended by Stephanie Spindler:

“A building where contemporary art exhibitions  happen courtesy of Among Other Things

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