Haydar Rock Bar

Balo Sk. 31
Istanbul, Turkey


From The Metal Travel Guide:

“A fine small Rock Place with local Rock and Metal People.  A very friendly owner offers you beer for cheaper prices than in the most other clubs (half litre beer is 4YTL here).  You can hear lots of different rock and metal bands.”

The fact that we found a review of Haydar on The Metal Travel guide sums up the space nicely.  It is a small rock bar (think 80’s hair bands) on the second floor of a building that also houses what I think is a social club for older Turkish men (like a VFW?).  If you smoke, you can do so inside, which also means the bar smells of it.  The owner and those that work there are super nice people – always welcoming and glad you came in.  Prices are very, very cheap.  Its only 3 TL for a .5 Efes, that’s around $1.80 for a half liter of beer!


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