Habbele Beach (Mitos Beach Club)

South Shore of Bozcaada

From Bozcaada Travel Guide:

“There is one restaurant-cafe in the beach. There are parasols and chaise-longues. Shower and changing stalls are also available. It is possible to reach by minibuses from center.”

Catch the shuttle bus for Habbele just off the main square close to the Ferry dock (Be sure to tell the driver you want to go here).  It costs 3 TL ($1.80) to travel the 15 minutes each way.  Once on the beach rent a few beach chairs and a straw/stick umbrella at Mitos Beach Club for 27 TL ($16.00) or on the beach next to it for less.  At Mitos, the chairs come with a pad, that is nice, a small table and table service.  Food and drinks can be had at Mitos only so they get to control the prices.  Grecian music is played at a decent volume.  Prices are steeper: 8 TL ($4.80) for a .33 Efes and 9 TL ($5.40) for a plate of fries.  Pack a lunch and drinks or 100 TL and come earlier to get a chair with a good view.  As with any beach on the island, the sun is HOT and the water is COLD.  Habbele is a bit more quiet and rockier then Ayazma.


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