Contemporary Fine Arts

Am Kupfergraben 10
10117 Berlin Mitte
+49-30-288 787 0


Contemporary Fine Arts was founded in 1992 and is directed by Bruno Brunnet, Nicole Hackert and Philipp Haverkampf. Originally located in Berlin-Charlottenburg, in 1996 the gallery moved to the location in the Sophie-Gips-Höfe in Berlin-Mitte. After more than ten years of successful gallery work, Contemporary Fine Arts closed the old space and can be found in the new building am Kupfergraben, directly opposite Berlin´s Museum Island.

We visited the gallery space on May 17, 2008. It is comprised of three floors of exhibition space, all arranged approximately the same. That is each space is divided into three “areas:” a smaller project space, the main area, and an office/reading area in the back. The smaller spaces contained one work from the exhibition on the second floor and a video projection (one of which was not functioning properly) on the bottom floor. We did not visit the third floor as they were charging a 3 euro admission charge (for some charity). The main exhibition areas were very spectacular, with high ceilings, concrete floors and the requisite white walls. Natural light filled the rooms from the many large windows, but none of the track lighting was on. I asked one of the gallerinas why the lights were off and she said the gallery decided not to use them for this exhibition. I am not sure why, as I think Tal R’s work my have been much more impressive when lit. His exhibition consisted of eight large works: paint, collage (retro porn), paper and string (or yarn)…all radiated from the center of the image. The work is extremely layered and visually complex.

The organization itself is very well-oiled. You are greeted upon entry by a doorman, a receptionist and someone to take your bags (you are not allowed to bring them in the gallery). Three gallerinas sit at each office area (on the first and second floors) facing the visitors from behind computer screens. None greeted us.


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