Ayazma Beach

Sorth shore of Bozcaada

From Bozcaada Travel Guide:

“Ayazma on the southern shore is with resorts for day-trippers. The only minibus service on the island goes to Ayazma.   Here you can rent sunshades, chaiselongues, and showers. There are also restaurants where you can dine all through the day.”

Catch the shuttle bus for Ayazma just off the main square close to the Ferry dock.  It costs 3 TL ($1.80) to travel the 15 minutes each way.  Once on the beach rent a few beach chairs and a straw/stick umbrella for 18 TL ($10.80).  Food and drinks can be had at the stands and restaurants on the road above the beach.  They are somewhat pricier then some places in town, but are not bad – in quality or price.  Even though the sun is HOT and the water is COLD, this is the beach on the island that most people visit.  Don’t be discouraged by the thought of crowds though, when we went it was easy to get a spot with a good view.


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