Nar Adaevi

Rum Mahallesi, İstiklal Sokak
Bozcaada, Turkey



“Architect Kemal Furuncı came to Bozcaada on 30 August 2001 for the first time with his wife and friends for a 3days vacation. This lovely island made them even more excited in the Victory day. When they came back here again in 2002 they decided to come here every year. In 2003 Rana came here for the first time in her mother’s belly.

They loved the Island so much that they bought a house on a 2 acre land in 2006. The love became passion, they were too excited to be islanders. In 2010 Kemal Furuncı bought a Greek house in the Republic Avenue also know as the Greek district from the householder named Despina. The condition of the house was not so promising but he believed he could restore it since he has been working as an architect for 25years. It was finnaly the time to restore these two houses and make them worthy of the beauty of Bozcaada. The name Pomegranate was choosen since Pomegranate was the symbol of Association, togetherness, fertility, vividness and abundance.

In Pomegranate Vineyard House several landscaping were necessary. Vineyards, fruit trees flowers and grasses were planted. Harvesting tomatos, peppers and cucumber from their branches made possible. Playgrounds for children were built and when all is done the vineyard house became the perfect resting place.

The Island House restored, and the building returned its old glorious days. The ground floor was turned into Pometgranate Café which serves wide range of delicious pastry and healty drinks and Internet access to their guests.”

Nar Adaevi is a quaint boutique hotel (B&B) in the center of town on the island of Bazcaada.  The rooms (5 total?) are small, but very nicely remodeled with quality finishes.  Our bathroom was about the size of a closet (smelled of the pipes due to the lack of a trap in the sink) and was lined in gray stripped tile with a cream tiled floor that had embossing like linen.  Smelled bad, looked amazing.  Breakfast was served at our leisure and included fresh vegetables from the garden, cheeses, bread, jellies and eggs (cooked differently each day).  We would, without hesitation, recommend a stay here.


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  1. I loved staying at Nar Adeavi. It was a charming, old Greek building with high ceilings and wood floors. A traditional Turkish breakfast was served to us every morning at a relaxed pace, by a very kind woman. It was a bit romantic and very peaceful.

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