Bozcaada Castle

Bozcaada, Turkey near the Ferry Port


“When approaching the island on the ferry the first landmark that comes into view is the castle. The castle, right along side the wharf, looks surprisingly newly built. However, its construction dates back as far as the Phoenicians. This castle was repaired and additions made to it by the Venetians and the Genovese. When the Venetians were leaving the island tried to destroy the castle. Restored by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the castle was later repaired in 1703-1706, and 1714-1726. The castle underwent large scale repair and renovation work in 1815. The most recent restoration of the castle was carried out in 1965-1970. There used to be a 250 metre long moat around it and a suspension bridge. Now there is a fixed bridge and, while the ditch is still there, there is no water in it.

To enter the castle one has to pay a small admission charge. In the inner castle there is a small museum. When considering that the castle is built on a headland with sea on all three sides and the link to the land surrounded by a ditch the castle could easily become an island thus its very protective positioning.

Those visiting the island in winter months if discovering the gates are shut can go to the office of the district governor and have them opened. The notice on the entrance provides brief information about the castle in Turkish, English and German.”

Bozcaada Castle is well worth the visit.  It has yet to be commercialized so nobody is their to pray on tourists.  But, that also means that it has not been kept up that well…so bring good shoes and a strong will to climb some of the stairs and towers – of which you have access to all of them!  Additionally, be sure to visit the small museum in the building within the main walls.  Pottery from 4-11 A.D. is just hanging out and accessible.  (We CAREFULLY picked up a bowl from around 6 A.D. and looked it over…not sure if we were supposed to).  The main site also houses other artifacts from pre-Turkish rule as well as cannon balls and a few deteriorated cannons.  With all the nooks to check-out it is easy to miss the stellar views of the sea and town, so be sure to take the time to look out and up.


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  1. Bozcaada castle was fascinating. The grounds are pretty much untouched, which was especially cool in that you could actually picture yourself being there in Roman times vs. a cheesy touristy experience.

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