Haunch of Venison

Heidestraße 46
10557 Berlin, Germany

According to their website, Haunch of Venison now has spaces in London and New York.  The space that opened in Berlin in 2007 is no longer in business.  The Berlin gallery opened on 13 September 2007 with a unique performance, presented by Jamie Shovlin, of the legendary German band Lustfaust and Berlin-based Schneider TM. Haunch of Venison is a member of Christie’s Group.

From Art Newspaper:

“Christie’s-owned Haunch of Venison gallery is to close its Berlin space at the end of the year to focus on New York and London. “Berlin is one of the most energetic and exciting art cities, but it doesn’t have that community of collecting,” said London director Matt Carey-Williams.

The gallery is now planning to open a new space in New York’s Chelsea: “It’s important for the gallery to be part of that neighbourhood,” he said.

The gallery will move back into its vastly extended Haunch of Venison Yard premises in London next year, and will keep the Burlington Garden space until the lease expires in 2012.

Haunch of Venison has signed up several artists in the past three months, including Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Eve Sussman, Patricia Piccinini, Carla Accardi, Susanne Kuhn, Peter Saul and Kevin Francis Gray.”

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