Ritim Pub

Balik Pazari (near Nevizade Street)
Istanbul, Turkey


From suite101.com:

“Ritim Pub is on Balik Pazari. With a great bar menu featuring a number of vegetarian options, the bar has two sides: Ritim Pub and Ritim Roof. Ritim Roof is known for its club on the top floor, with dance parties nearly ever night. Ritim Pub occasionally features dance parties on its top floor and ground floor, but when there aren’t dance parties, the areas are open for sitting and chatting. Both sides feature indoor and outdoor seating and multiple levels for the pub.”

One of our hosts, Julie, turned us on to Ritim Pub/Roof.  One side is quieter, more reserved, the other serves food and apparently turns into a dance club at night.  Both are frequented by expats (We met a nice Canadian who is teaching English in Istanbul).  As of July 2011, both sides feature 2.50 lira .31 Tuborg from noon to seven.  After seven the price goes to 4 lira with a .5 Tuborg going for 5 lira.  Inexpensive by Istanbul standards.  Music is varied.  One side played more local music, the other played American rock/pop in the afternoon.  Recommended.


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