Fountain of Mahmud I

Tophane Square


“The fountains standing in the several corners of Istanbul like unprizable art monuments are the works of respect towards the water in our country. The belief that quenching is good deed and the Islamic religion’s ordering cleanliness have led the great water facilities, fountains and public fountains to be built not only in Istanbul but also in every corner of the country; yet, only some of them have reached today.


“The Tophane Fountain which is in the middle of Tophane square was built by Sultan Mahmut in 1732, and is one of the biggest fountains of the city. This monumental structures with high walls structure with high walls characterizes the transition to Western architectural style. The fountain connected to the Taksim Water System, was opened at the same time with the whole system. Sultan Mahmut I attended the opening ceremony in which the first water was released in Taksim.”

The fountain stands in a green square near the Istanbul Modern and several hookah bars.  Only one side of the fountain has a trickle of water flowing from it.  The walls are inscribed with detailed images and the ceiling looks to have been recently renovated.  Many (if not all I have seen) of the fountains in Istanbul no longer flow with water as they have undoubtedly been replaced with modern indoor plumbing.  It would be nice however, to see them working again as they would provide a pleasant sound and site.


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