Matrioska, Mientras Se Pueda


Venezuela 2587
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Translated from their website:

“Matrioska as long as possible is a collective creation based on the drama of the Russian author Anton Chekhov. From his writings created a score of actions involving the beings of his works, resulting in a new play called Matryoshka. A theater in ruins, a tribute impossible, artists in search of the meaning of his profession.”


The performance was held in an old industrial building behind a courtyard off Venezuela Street that has been converted to a theatre.  The venue is stark, with high ceilings and good acoustics.  Seating is extremely limited, and quite uncomfortable (think bad high-school bleachers).  Though the performance is in Spanish (obviously) we could understand the gist and had a great time.  Kudos to the students for producing it.


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