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Martin Ignacio de Loyola 32
Buenos Aires, Argentina

About Document Art

From their website:

“Document: an original piece of written or printed matter conveying authoritative information or evidence art the skilful, systematic arrangement or adaptation of means for the attainment of some end especially by human endeavor. Founded in Buenos Aires in 2009, Document-art is highly committed to search, identify and valorize not only works, but documents art-related, which become essential to understand conceptual movement in Latin America. So we not only represent a number of artists that are continuing the tradition of Art in Latin America, but also research the world looking for unique documental material that supports and emphasize those works of art

Document-Art periodically organizes exhibitions in Buenos Aires and also participates in international art shows as SP-Arte in Sao Pablo, PINTA in New York ArteBO in Bogota, and ArteBA in Buenos Aires.

We believe in permanent evolution and in continuously promoting the encounter with a numerous and heterogeneous public. In sync with this committed spirit and with our tendency to taking up new challenges, we have created a space open to experimentation as well as to reflection, which gives way to creative freedom and discovery through the most singular proposals.

For further information contact our office, a special appointment will be set up for you.”

About Juan Carlos Romero

From Fernando Davis

“In Juan Carlos Romero’s graphic work of the 1970s, the subject of violence tenses and actualizes a multiple critical mechanism, extending and reprocessing a set of strategies and practices of intervention activated by the artist in the course of the previous decade: the calling into question of the conceptual and technical referents of the canonical engraving, the exploration of alternative circuits beyond the institutional art spaces, the appropriation of images from the communications media, or the pursuit of greater participation on the part of the spectator. In a context characterized by increasing radicalization and political confrontation, whose turbulent signs light up the field of art, these problematics are plotted and re-inscribed in the accidents and folds in dissidence of a conceptual poetics.”

Complete article can be found here.


We attended the opening of Juan Carlos Romero’s exhibition, “Sistemas Graficos, Cartografias Criticas,” at Document-Art.  A limited number of works created by Mr. Romero in the early 1970s were exhibited due to space constraints.  The works were created during and as a response to a time of great political unrest/violence, The Dirty War.  Even though 40 +/-  years have passed, the work remains extremely relevant, as many Argentinians feel that the contemporary political landscape is rife with corruption.  The work is highly conceptual and makes use of mapping, observation and text (which makes it all the more difficult for those who do not speak fluent Spanish to understand the many nuances).  Aesthetically and conceptually the work is very interesting.


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