Pedro de Mendoza 1929
La Boca, Caminito
Buenos Aires Argentina


Translated from their website:

“Installed in 1996 on a recycled house of the late nineteenth century, in the neighborhood of La Boca, in November 2008 Fundación Proa inaugurated its new three-story building, which has four exhibition halls, a multimedia auditorium, a specialized library, a restaurant, terrace, action spaces and open to the public a transparent facade to share experiences from the inside to the neighborhood.  The design and supervision of the work is the study Torricella Caruso-Milan, the same as ten years ago transformed the old building into an iconic landmark for contemporary art in Buenos Aires.”

From Timeout Buenos Aires:

“Set on the La Boca riverfront, Proa has presented some of the most stimulating and insightfully curated shows in BA, and the roof terrace affords great views of the filthy, but nonetheless iconic, Riachuelo. The gallery reopened in early 2008 with a major show from the French surrealist Marcel Duchamp. There is also an impressive collection including Latin American artists such as Diego Rivera.”


PROA is housed in a very nice building in a very strange location.  Its exhibition spaces are fairly limited for a building of its size, especially considering the cafe and library (really a bookstore) each take up a great percentage of a floor (the layout can be found here).  General admission is 12 Pesos ($3) and student/educator admission is 8 Pesos ($2).  This includes a guided tour (in Spanish) if you make arrangements to visit the museum to catch it.  The exhibition that we attended was “Pop, Realismos y Politica.”  When we paid our admission we were given a guide to the exhibition and some of the works in English that we had to return when we were finished.  It was well written and helped us to understand the curator’s vision.  Works included can be found here.  Overall, the show was more or less interesting.  Add to it the chance to experience the building itself and it was well worth the price of admission.


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