Yatasto y Stella Diaz


3201 San Martin
(Corner of San Martin and Alvarez Jonte)


A very rough translation from Stella’s Facebook page:

“On January 1, 2005 we met on the terrace to celebrate the new year, and between tangos, chamuyos, and wine, in the sky the Evening Star was born. All of us continued to meet every Saturday through the summer.  Then, as if by magic: We moved our meetings to ‘The Gate of Teodoro’ on Bustamante (and Bartolomé Mitre). Later, we met at the house of Felicitas Guerrero, to come together with our friends to socialize and dance…to resist the removal of culture from the city’s soul. Today we decided to recreate these meetings at a bar in La Paternal, Yatasto.  It is here that we hope to bring our Evening Star.”


We visit Yatasto every few days for pizza/pasta/sandwiches and beer/wine.  It is a good local restaurant literally around the corner from our place.  The owner and employees are fantastic and most welcoming, the food is good, the atmosphere is typical Argentinian and the prices are very reasonable.  During the day and early evening older couples read the paper and drink coffee.  In the evening it mostly older men enjoying some wine and socializing.  The talk is about everything from politics to sports.

We were lucky enough to be invited to a performance by Stella Diaz the other evening.  When we arrived the place was packed with people of all ages.  Stella sang beautifully, a few gentleman played guitars, and some people danced.  Everyone seemed to have a great time.  As a special treat, Stella’s mom and a young girl, presumably related to her, sung a few songs.


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