Feria de San Telmo


Defensa & Brasil to Defensa & Plaza Dorrego
San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
(Sundays Only)


From landingpadba.com:

“Total number of stands and set ups: 250-300  Generally offered: Heavy focus on antiques especially in Plaza Dorrego and the stores lining Defensa. Street performers, tango dancers and hundreds of rogue sidewalk vendors. Food, hand-made goods and art section of the fair are regularly in attendance.  Comments: San Telmo has the most classic, old school vib in Buenos Aires. Cobblestone streets, old lanterns, hundred year old buildings match what is generally offered and what many people expect to see in Buenos Aires. Don’t miss the “Mercado San Telmo” located at Defensa 961- it’s a large more permanent flea market, open all week 10 am to 7 pm.”


Every Sunday the entire street is closed to traffic and opened to the throngs of people meandering through the stalls/vendors.  While most of the action is on the street, be sure to visit some of the actual shops that rent booths to vendors.  You can find just about everything at the market, food, drinks, antiques, original art, leather goods, imported junk, etc.  The best deals, at least in my opinion, can be found on original artwork (plus it is good to actually support those that make their goods).  Be careful, however, as many originals are NOT.  The “artist” will even be present at the stall pretending to paint ( I found this at a stall that sold “fileteado signs“)!  We didn’t have any trouble with pickpockets or other theft, but we heard it can happen here…so keep an eye on your bills and your goods.


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