Festival Juntos Por Lo Publico


Av. de Mayo y Bolivar

About the Festival

Translated from their website:

15:00 Open Radio
16:30 Fake Cuban
17:00 Karen Fleitas and La Marmolada
17:30 The bitch that bore
18:00 Skip Banking
19:00 The Grandfather s Pastilla
19:45 Pampa Yacuza
20:30 Chala Rasta
21:15 The De Mora
21:45 Close of Drums

To all those who participate in the festival are invited to collaborate with some nonperishable food. We want to take, given the magnitude of the event and the willingness of the great bands that are playing, a little help to people in need.

About the Organization


We are a group of different parts of society: parents, students, teachers, doctors, members of social, cultural and political parties, that we are in favor of the public sphere. We defend a city project in the country and that we all have free access to education, health and culture.

Currently the public schools are damaged and have nothing, closed courses and technical education is beset by the bilge, public hospitals are abandoned, with few staff and almost no input, the culture is threatened by the privatization of theaters and closure of hundreds of cultural, our environment is increasingly polluted. Our squares, parks and clubs are being developed by commercial interests that destroy our neighborhoods, rail and subway are in a structural crisis that threatens the lives of those who daily travel to work on them.

No commercial enterprise should take precedence over our lives and our culture.

We are convinced that one of the keys to generate a change is participation. I summon you to join. Let’s get moving for positive change and prioritze education, health, culture, environmental care and public transport.


A decent sized crowd was gathered in front of City Hall on the Av de Mayo.  Musicians played and organizers spoke to the participants flanked by international chains such as Starbucks and Burger King.  Other groups took advantage of the gathering to display signs and distribute literature that advertised alternative political and social ideas (like the legalization of Cannabis).  I gave a vendor walking through the crowd 20 Pesos for a 15 Peso beer and he walked away without offering change.  Bah.



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