Matias Kritz


Barrio Palermo
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Undoubtedly, a “loose” translation from wikipedia (Argentina):

In 1989 Matias Kritz with producer Carlos Shaw creates Transmission Unit (1989-1993) first grouping of industrial music / EBM in Argentina. Transmission Unit gets a lot of fans and followers of this style. In 1992 won the prize awarded by the band disclosure Recoleta Cultural Center. In 1993 signed a contract with (SUM Records) and made his first EP of remixes titled Virtual Prison, during that year Transmission Unit made several presentations including Maxi Auditorium, Casa Suiza, El Dorado, The Age, and countless dance clubs of the time.

At the end of 1993 as a matter of musical taste decide to separate and assemble their solo careers. Thus in 1994 Kritz form Beef Pigs , an industrial project that included a fee schedule of conventional instruments (guitar bass and drums). Soon, presents his first EP entitled CPC achieved with this new project to the attention of the media and enters his first video in heavy rotation on MTV , also made notes on Much Music and a lot of newspapers, magazines and local radio Rock and Pop , Clarin , Page 12 , Rolling Stone , Madhouse , etc. In 1998 presents the second album entitled Meat for Swine Pain Manager, the same year the program performs the curtain Violent Times of Rock and Pop, and makes his first job as artistic producer Sudamerican disk Porn Jesus Martyr , this record is edited in Spain by the label Repulse Records and Kritz starts a lot of bands like Noiselab productions, 448, Virtual, etc.. In 1999 signs contract with Edel Music and republished Pain Manager, while he was hired by the record company Tower Records, where she works three years. In 2000 along with Transmission Unit made a date with the band Belgian Front 242 ahead of 2500 followers of electronic music.

In late 2001 with Raul Cariola, Osko Cariola (former Holy Innocents ) and Cesar Andino ( Stubborn ), forms the resonator producer, with the idea of joining forces and knowledge regarding artistic production from that year Matías Kritz working on productions of bands like Molen Cundey, Skinmask, sublow, Infierno 18 , Poompiwom, Cabezones (opening Pulp Fiction) etc.

In 2003 , Kritz presents their fourth album, the first in Spanish, entitled “Cross Night” in this new project which bears his own name, Kritz addresses a more electronic sound in song format, Cruz de Noche has the presence guest musicians such as Martin Delahaye, Emilio Ihlenfeld, Raul Cariola (202), Osko Cariola (202), Cariola Diego (202), Sara Ugarte former vocalist and guitarist of the Chilean band Venus. The album contains 11 songs that cover distorted moments, climatic and acoustic. In 2006 after several years working solely on record productions, Kritz reprises his solo project in English, Meat for Swine, and began recording “Quantize life”.

In addition during 2006 Kritz made an EP of demos after “Cross of night”, the final version would take the title of “polar Way” ( 2007 ), which contains one of the most popular songs of Kritz entitled “Awake my pain “, this album, like all simple acoustic versions, have the covers designed by illustrator marplatense Roz.

Also he was seen playing live as guest keyboardist with 202 (former Holy Innocents ) during 2006-2007 made over 50 presentations and important shows live and in the Pepsi Music 2006, 2007 (with Marilyn Manson ), and Stadium Luna Park with Deftones and Incubus , giving his last concert in December 2007 with the band.

In early 2008 Kritz presents for Pigs Meat “Quantize life” and his new work in Spanish “Distances impossible”, “12,000 km” acoustic version, “Awake my pain” acoustic version. “All we did”, “imperfect” and “In Concert” the latter was a concert held online which has been passed in countries like Argentina , Spain , Italy and France , among others.

That same year (2008) Kritz is invited to participate in the new video for Cabezones “My Queen”.

In early 2009 Kritz presents his new single entitled “Turn around and go inside” and showcases various segments of songs which will be part of their new album 2009.

On the other hand, in the months of June and July 2007, Kritz a journey of more than 30 locations Europe looking for photographic material Kritz Artwork. In the area of art and photography Kritz has been invited to exhibit at the University of Palermo (Buenos Aires) during the month of August 2008, achieving one of the highest recorded in the UP calls to date. It has also been called by Eclectic ( London ) where he discussed “The eyes remain” work pertaining to the Works Spiral session.

In another branch of the arts, Kritz is dedicated to training and teaching martial arts “SIPAL-KI” art of war Korean / Mongolian . He participated in the biggest event of martial arts around Latin America “Dragon hit” by the global selection SIPAL-KI, Kritz has participated in the two South American editions of “The cup Grandmaster Soo Nam Yoo” getting in combat the first and third place two consecutive years.


We met Matias at a “restobar” named Sugar in Palermo where he works on Sunday and Monday evenings.  We had a great discussion about art and I had the chance to view several of his photographs/images.  He is a talented artist: photographer, musician, sculptor, videographer, etc, and also teaches martial arts.  Having just missed an exhibition of his spiral works, hopefully we will have the opportunity to see these large images in his studio.

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