The Porch: 7th Ward Cultural Organization

1941 Pauger street
New Orleans, LA 70116


The Porch came together in January of 2006 to create a cultural organization in the 7th Ward. In Partnership with Neighborhood Housing Services, we run a cultural center at 1941 Pauger Street and Urquhart Street.

We believe that people come first. We look at the whole person – the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. We see the humanity in each person and honor his or her struggles. We put our community before our own interests. We believe in actively working for a more just and humane society. We are a volunteer-driven, action-oriented organization. We all must be willing to think creatively about our problems and stand up for our core beliefs.

We believe in culture as our primary tool of empowerment. We address the individual, the community, and our work through culture. We value traditional and local knowledge and seek to pass it down through generations. We believe that taking care of each other means openly talking about and actively dealing with questions of race, class, gender, sexual preference, cultural differences, power differences and other issues that face us as a community. We believe in developing a shared language that is inclusive and empowers people to have these conversations.

We believe in affordable housing. We respect the rights of renters as well as homeowners. We believe that a dynamic neighborhood maintains access for people of all income levels. We value the public sphere. We work to create safe an accessible public spaces. We believe in developing young minds. We set good examples for young people through our work. We respect our environment and share a deep sense of place. We value integrity in our work and in our actions. We believe that transformation is possible.

The porch is governed by a 5 member council and general membership. Council members are elected for a two year term. The general membership makes decisions about programs and projects. The council makes decisions with the general membership about the organization structure.


We arrived at the Porch in hopes of participating in the Second Line, only to learn that we were in the wrong place. Nevertheless, and despite the fact that the Porch was indeed closed, we had the opportunity to look around and review the list of events and activities listed on the Porch’s bulletin board. Overall, the Porch’s building and available literature, in combination with the values and mission statement available from their site, seems to provide a positive experience to the community of the 7th Ward, one we hope to work more closely with in coming weeks.

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