The Don Effect (Goat in the Road Productions)

Candle Factory
4537 North Robertson
New Orleans, LA

June 10-13th 9:00pm
(followed by food, drink, and merriment)


Through dance, theatre, film, music and food, The Don Effect explores the human desire to recreate the un-re-creatable: namely, choreographed dances and family recipes. Six ensemble members play a diverse cast of characters:  an executive chef; the interim CEO of a sinking corporation; a grieving granddaughter; two dance archivists; and more. In their struggles to reconstruct originals – from famous concert dances to grandma’s biscuits – each encounters the failure of written language to capture embodied experiences.

But they persevere. In kitchens, archives, and at the table, they experiment with taste buds, muscle memory, and alchemy. They measure their own faulty memories against the recipe card, the dance notes and the archival footage, all in a passionate attempt to distinguish nostalgia from fantasy, memory from desire, and failure from invention.

Join us one weekend only, as we dance, break bread, share family recipes and recount food stories. Contribute your own family recipe to the show by sharing it on GRP’s Facebook page, on our blog, or by bringing it in writing to the box office.

(From: Press Release)

We attended a work-in-progress performance of The Don Effect last night at 7:30. The performance takes place in a warehouse off Poland street next to a series of railroad tracks. Its called the Candle Factory and its not air-conditioned. This night, the space was half dedicated to the performance, the other half was full of stuff: a truck that was in the process of being painted, shelves of things and an old Airstream, or at least a look alike. About twenty people were in attendance and sat on chairs and makeshift seating. It was hot, I sweated…a lot. The set was in the process of being built, the video was not yet working and the performers were still “on-book.” The six participants were absolutely great, while still being (as expected) rough around the edges. The energy and passion they posses is contagious and the acting and dance top-notch. I wish I was going to be in town to see the finished product.


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