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We provide an unforgettable two-hour personal tour of the beautiful and famous
Honey Island Swamp

Cajun Encounters uses smaller boats that accommodate up to 24 passengers to allow for a more quiet and up-close experience. With vast knowledge of the swamp and the wildlife, we can weave you through the back bayous for a real Cajun experience.

Realizing that many of you will only get one chance to go on a swamp tour, we want to make it memorable for you. Our success has been built on personal tours that provide an up close and educational experience learning about the facts and kinds of wildlife the swamp has to offer.

The Honey Island Swamp is home to alligators, raccoons, owls, wild boars, nutria, snakes, turtles, bald eagles, black bears, and many birds. Recently there has been talk of an ivory billed woodpecker sighting, previously believed to be extinct.

Come visit us in the Honey Island Swamp and see one of the only remaining preserved wetlands in Louisiana.


With over ten years of experience, Cajun Encounters Tours, Inc. is a locally owned and operated tour company. We pride ourselves on giving, fun, educational and personalized tours to both locals and visitors. No visit to our area is complete without visiting one of our unique above ground cemeteries, having the opportunity to see alligators in their environment and visiting a plantation. We offer swamp tours to Honey Island Swamp, Oak Alley Plantation and two unique city tours – City/Cemetery Tour and New Orleans Rebirth Tour. Cajun Encounters, Inc. offers all of these tours on a daily basis. The tours can also be taken as a group. All tours include: 1. Door to Door service – Passengers can be picked up and returned to the door of the hotel. All Cajun Encounters vehicles are French Quarter friendly. 2. Guaranteed Departures – Cajun Encounters will operate the tour with 1 passenger to guarantee service to their customers. 3. The smaller 20 passenger boats can take you deep into the bayous of the Honey Island Swamp, one of the most pristine and untouched areas of Louisiana’s wetlands. Visit for more information along with testimonials from some very satisfied customers.


First, lets do some math! A tour boat holds 24 people. The day we went 2 boats ran at 2:30. One was full, the other wasn’t, but was close. So, perhaps 40 people took the tour? Lets say 40. Most of these took the transportation provided by Cajun Encounters…perhaps 30 of the 40 total people (we saw them get off the bus). Those 30 paid at least $43, those of us who drove ourselves (an easy 20-30 minute drive from the French Quarter) paid at least $17. That means for just the 2:30 tour on a Thursday these guys took in $1460. That doesn’t count gift shop or concession sales or account for those who didn’t use the $6 off coupon. Nice! Plus they had three more tours that day! OK, enough with the $$$.

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