Lake Balaton
Southern Shore

Siófok is a town on the south coast of Lake Balaton. The charming little town is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Hungary. The population is around 35,000 people but in the summer season there is another 200,000 people being on vacation at the same time. The name of the city means Cape Sió (Sió is a river bringing water into river Danube). Siófok is mostly famous of its huge nightlife and the never ending parties specially in the weekends. The town is often called “the partying capital of Hungary”. But it is important to know that outside of the town centre there are many quiet and peaceful beaches and strands for every age groups. The party season usually begins by the start of the summer break at schools and the end of the spring term at universities which is the end of June, early July. The last party events are on the final weekend before the start of school. (From:

Today Siofok is one of the most important tourist centre, as it is said: “Siofok is the capital of Lake Balaton.” It has been made capital by its public transport of high level and its shallow shore offering safe bathing to holiday-makers. Besides the mild water of the lake visitors coming here may enjoy the organized programmes and the Hungarian hospitality as well. The town itself is an open-air exhibition with its sculptures and monuments on public squares. (Among others one of the greatest Hungarian contemporary sculptor, Imre Varga who was born at Siófok, exhibited his sculpture of Imre Kálmán, titled “Vanishing Time”). In addition to the historic buildings, some modern churches offer an exciting sight by their queer architecture. Due to the development in recent years the town has become a site of flowers and parks. An outstanding park in town is the Millenium Park in front of the railway station. The town 106 kms far from Budapest can be easily reached by rail, road or air from every direction. (From

I took a short train ride to Siófok from Budapest. Upon arrival at the station I walked past a row of taxis and down a small path which lead to a residential street. At the end of the street was a small avenue that ran along in front of the beach resorts and offered plenty of opportunities to eat and drink at relatively (compared to local Budapest anyway) inflated prices. To enter the beach resorts and the boardwalk (essentially outdoor clubs and restaurants) you have to pay around $5. Once in you can choose between lounging in the grass or more natural areas or snagging a chair at the many clubs. The Coke Club is probably the most popular as they trucked in a bunch of white sand. Even on the weekdays during the summer the beach is full of party people (think MTV Spring Break). Food and drinks are pricey by Hungarian standards. The water is very clean and shallow. Swimmers (waders) must climb over the rocky shore via one of the docks to gain access to the sandy bottomed lake. I was told after I had gone that Siófok is place to go to party and see beautiful people. The north side of the lake is supposed to be more majestic and serene.






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