Nyugati Pályaudvar

Teréz krt. 55

The Parisian Eiffel Company was the constructor of Nyugati Station’s huge, iron-framed hall. The railway station is a key part of the cityscape even today. The hall, designed by the Parisian Eiffel-Studio and August de Serres, is a magnificent example of the architectural use of cast iron frames considered very modern in the late 1800’s. At the time of its opening in 1877, with its hall of 6,153 metres square and 25 metres high, and with its additional buildings, it was the fifth largest railway station in the world. In the attentively restored former restaurant of the railway station, a fast-food restaurant operates. Many people say this is the most beautiful fast food restaurant in the world. (From: hungarystartshere.com)

Extended at great cost after 1978, Nyugati tér also acts as forecourt to the West Railway Station. It is the most important and perhaps most beautiful example of cast-iron architecture in the Hungarian capital. The first trains in Hungary departed from the site of the West Railway Station as early as 1846. It is a terminus comprising two brick side-buildings with brick curtain walls and a glass-roofed hall above the railway tracks at the centre. The platform hall is supported by filigree cast-iron supports, like the ones developed for the Crystal Palace in London. The designs for what at the time was a highly modern construction were produced by the Eiffel firm in Paris. It is well worth taking a look into the interior of the platform hall: everything appears to be as in the old days. Being at the end of the line, the Nyugati pályaudvar is only significant for local rail transport. (From: tripwolf.com)


The Western Train Station is an excellent example of iron-framed architecture. Along with six tracks in the main building, the station also houses a very beautiful McDonalds restaurant (Strangely enough and despite its beauty, it still smelled like a McDonalds). The station is centrally located and within seconds of the metro line.

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