MMG: Magyar Műhely Galéria

1072 Budapest, Akácfa utca 20.


The gallery itself is in the basement of the building. When you enter from the street, you are located in an area with several round chairs and plenty of stacks of books and other publications. A rather messy office sits on the second floor loft overlooking the entry. To access the gallery, you must move through the entry space and go down a small, steep flight of steps. The floor is concrete. The walls are white. The ceiling is low. Spotlights illuminate the artist’s work.

No abundant, real information could be found in print or online describing the gallery in English.

Cartographer A

The entire space is somewhat weird. When we entered two older gentlemen were sitting in entrance area and said absolutely nothing to our group. The only way we figured out that the actual gallery was in the basement was by following another group that happened to come in after us. Upon descending the stairs we encountered another older man seemingly watching over some crackers, cookies, water and wine. Those attending the opening were a mix of ages and socioeconomic status: young people, old people, the rich and even what I guessed to be a homeless man who smelled pretty terribly. A photographer documented the event which included an introduction by the curator and reading of a poem for the artist. The artist did not address the group, presumably because he did not speak Hungarian (He was Portuguese). Some in our group spoke to the artist, who was very nice and answered questions readily.

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