Kodály Körönd

Andrássy út
District VI

Kodály Körönd is one of the two squares on Andrássy út (the other one is Oktogon). The four buildings on the square form a full circle, with Andrássy út and Szinyei Merse utca intersecting in the middle. Each of the four buildings has a small garden with chestnut and sycamore trees and a statue each (statues of Vak Bottyán, Zrínyi Miklós, Szondi György and Balassi Bálint, respectively). The original name of the square was Körönd, meaning “Circus”. In 1938, it was dubbed Adolf Hitler Circus, which was changed back to Körönd in 1945. From 1971 it bears the name of Kodály Zoltán (a composer), who lived in one of the buildings adjacent to the circus. His apartment has since been converted into a memorial museum. (From Budapest.com)

The four heroes are:

  • Szondi György (?-1552) – Hero against the Ottoman invasion who, on July 9, 1552, with his troops, stood his ground against Ali Pasha when those in neighboring castles fled.
  • Zrínyi Miklós (1508-1566) – Defender of the Kingdom of Hungary against the Ottomans.
  • Balassi Bálint (1554-1594) – Celebrated poet during the same war against the Ottomans, giving voice to love and honor.
  • Vak Bottyán (1643-1709) – “Blind Bottyán” – popular name of Bottyán János, who fought against the Ottomans under the Habsburgs, liberating Buda, but who later became a general in the war of independence against the Habsburgs under Prince Rákóczi Ferenc, 1705. He is “blind” because he lost an eye while fighting the Ottomans.

This intersection on Andrassy has an interesting history…which is probably more exciting then the actual location. The place looks like it should have a rich history, or at least mean something, and it does. It also marks the midpoint between the two main cross streets, Dozsa Gy. u. and Terez Krt.. If you are walking from the river to Hero’s Square you are almost there! The buildings around the intersection are under remodel and will be amazing when they are finished. The landscaping is well-planned and orderly, but could use some cleaning up and water.

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