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Located at the northern end of Andrassy ut in what I believe is District VII


Heroes’ Square, where Andrássy Avenue meets Dózsa György út, is the biggest and most impressive square of Budapest. In the middle stands the Millennium Monument, with Archangel Gabriel on top, holding the double cross of Christianity and the Holy Hungarian Crown. It was constructed to mark the 1000th anniversary of the arrival of the Magyar tribes. The pedestal below is occupied by the ornate horseback statues of the seven Hungarian leaders who led the Hungarian nation into the Carpathian Basin in 896 AD. The middle of the square is dominated by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, wreathed by all heads of state when officially visiting Hungary. (From Budapest.com)

The 14 statues in the colonnades behind are of rulers and statesmen – from King Stephen on the left to Lajos Kossuth on the right. The reliefs below show a significant scene in the honored man’s life.

  • Stephen I of Hungary: St. Stephen receives the crown from an emissary of the Pope
  • Ladislaus I of Hungary: St. Ladislaus slays the Cumanian abductor
  • Coloman of Hungary: Coloman prohibits the burning of witches
  • Andrew II of Hungary: Andrew leads a crusade
  • Béla IV of Hungary: Béla rebuilds the country after the Mongol invasion
  • Charles I of Hungary: Ladislaus IV defeats Ottogar at the battle of Marchfeld
  • Louis I of Hungary: Louis the Great occupies Naples
  • János Hunyadi: The battle of Nándorfehérvár
  • Matthias Corvinus of Hungary: Matthias with his scholars
  • István Bocskay: Hajdú soldiers defeat the imperial forces
  • Gabriel Bethlen: Bethlen concludes a treaty with Bohemia
  • Imre Thököly: The battle of Szikszó
  • Francis II Rákóczi: Rákóczi returns from Poland
  • Lajos Kossuth: Kossuth rallies the peasants of the Great Plain

The four allegorical figures atop are (from left to right): Work & Prosperity, War, Peace and Knowledge & Glory (from Lonelyplanet.com)

Every time I have visited this square (just four times) it has been extremely hot. Only the monuments themselves provide any kind of shade and the sunlight is reflected off the ground from the light colored stone pavement. The square itself is large, and seems even larger given the broad expanse of pavement surrounded by four busy roads. The square is very well visited. Undoubtedly, it will be full of tour buses and groups of tourists eagerly following a tour guide. The clean square is flanked by two museums and the park and is at the end of Andrassy ut. The monuments are very impressive, tall and intricate and are of more importance given the significant milestone that they have come to symbolize. I highly recommend that you bring water with you or stop by the lemon aid stand on site (look for the girl in the giant lemon).

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