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The Art Hall is the largest exhibition space in Hungary. It is one of Heroes’ Square’s dominant Classicist buildings. It has no permanent collection of its own; the regular temporary exhibitions feature mostly contemporary artists and art groups. The building was completed in 1896, which was the year of the Millennium Expo celebrations in Budapest. The architect was Albert Schikedanz. A total renovation between 1991 and 1994 restored the beautifully ornate façade, the semi-circular hall of columns and other major parts of the building. (From budapest.com)

If you are interested in contemporary arts the Art Hall is the place for you to go. The mission of the museum is to mediate, present and influence Hungarian and international trends and phenomena in the contemporary visual arts. Every year they arrange 5-6 different modern exhibitions, where you can see the works of modern photographers, painters and all kinds of modern art.

The building is located at the Heroes Square and it was built for the millenium in 1896. The exhibition hall here was renovated in 1995 and has since then welcomed visitors and leading Hungarian and international contemporary artists alike, mediating and representing modern artistic tendencies whilst not maintaining its own permanent collection. (From: hungarybudapestguide.com)

The exhibition on view when I visited the hall was called Visual Tactics. It looked at works over the years (some over 200 years old) that challenged our idea of perception, or how and why we see the world. The exhibition was very large and easily swallowed several hours of the afternoon. It included video, photography, prints, paintings, installation, sound, many types of viewing devices and interactive displays. Pictures were allowed and even in some cases encouraged. It was well worth the 1400 HUF, or roughly $7 admission. The building itself and many of the displays could have been cleaner. Face smudges were present on most viewing devices or the plexiglas that protected them and pedestals were visibly dirty.

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