Gabriella Hajnal

Gödöllő, Grassalkovich Palace (kastély)


Gabriella Hajnal majored as a painter but soon turned to textile art, namely tapestry. She admits that the noble material and the technique attracted her, and works within this field since then. She persistently explores new solutions within given technical possibilities, trying to shape her subject within the opportunities given by the genre, expand it almost to the extremities, conforming to other art forms. This is how the Bible appears on the carpets, as well. Her work is characterized by picturesqueness as she crosses the line between applied arts and fine arts. The significance of colors and color transitions are emphasized by the weaving. Composition, too, has a substantial role in her work. (from:

As part of the Residency program here in Hungary, our group was driven out to see Hajnal’s exhibition. It hung in a rough, cavernous space. The eighty year old artist’s work possesses a sense of humor, yet many of the tapestries are haunting, some of the imagery could even be called grotesque. All of it would benefit from a more formal presentation.

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