Located at the northern end of Andrassy ut in what I believe is District VII

The City Park (Városliget in Hungarian) is packed with things to do and places to see. The park was the main venue of the millennium celebrations in 1896. Behind Heroes’ Square lies the ice-skating rink which is a lake in the summer with boats for rent. Since 1996, the ice-skating rink gives home to speed-skating championships. Along Állatkerti körút (Zoo Boulevard), to the left from Heroes’ Square, the first building is the Gundel Restaurant, built in 1894 (until 1910, it was called Wampetics Restaurant). Gundel Károly has taken over in 1910, and turned it into the best place for fine dining in Budapest. Next to the Gundel is the ornate Art Nouveau entrance to the Budapest Zoo, which opened in 1866. Walking past the Zoo walls, the domes and towers of the Széchenyi Thermal Bath come into view; the bathhouse is one of the largest bath complexes in Europe. The thermal spring underneath it was discovered in 1879. Across from the bath is the Municipal Circus, where the first performance was held in 1891 – since then, 125 shows were held, with 15500 performances and over 25 million viewers. Next to the Circus is the Amusement Park, which in today’s form has been operational since the 1950’s. The Vajdahunyad Castle, originally built of cardboard and wood for the 1896 World Expo, was rebuilt from stone at the end of the expo. It is a copy of three other buildings from the Hungarian countryside, showcasing Hungary’s predominant architectural styles. (From

The city park is quite large, although it can be easily walked in a few hours. Small roadways and trails connect to a few larger (and well-traveled) roads that cut through the park. Most of the park is tree covered, though large grassy areas are available for sunbathing. In the middle of the summer, the empty ice-skating rink looks a bit rundown: It is simply a large empty concrete container that seems to want to find a purpose. Maybe it could be opened for another activity or transitioned in the summer? (Note: I heard it is supposed to be filled with water and house boat rentals, though this was not the case). One restaurant sits “on” the “lake,” a small body of water filled with ducks and green algae. The benches around the “lake” were filled with people enjoying the shade on a hot day. The park is also home to a thermal bath (Szechenyi Baths), a castle (Vajahunyad), a zoo, the circus, at least two museums, a restaurant billed as the Globe Theater, Hero’s Square, some abandoned building, sculptures and statues and a courtyard pub. All types of people can be found here: teenagers in love, families, older folks, bicyclists, sunbathers, and of course the requisite homeless. That being said, I have to admit, I like it.


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